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I’m not sure you will actually like it (so awaiting your closer definition of what you want), I think according to your initial criteria that Phil Barker’s The Sharp End should work. It has basing as you suggest, scaled as you suggest, very infantry-based, has activations based on real sub-units that don’t allow you to activate everything but do allow you to choose what is activated.

Just had a very quick scan of the rules. Looks more like a set of ideas and concepts more than a complete rules set. Almost halfway through the “rules” (12 of 30 pages) before I start seeing game mechanics. Up to this point I see mostly definitions of units and how to set up a game. This will take some reading but I like the looks of a lot of it and can see incorporating much of it for modern and asymmetrical actions such as in Hind & Seek. Whether the core game mechanics cover my interests I am unsure of but thank you for pointing these out.