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Glad you found FBF looked interesting. It’s a good clean fast game and realistic enough for my taste. The firing dice system is clever and not too involved once you get the hang of it. I don’t think it needs a referee particularly, does it? My only reservation is that only one player can act at a time, thus the more players you have in a multi-player game, the less game time each player gets. But for up to four players it’s excellent.

They mention the use of a referee a lot in the rules I read and the videos, that is why I assumed. When I get a chance to look at them closer ways to eliminate the need for a referee may become obvious. I have a hard enough time finding opponents even before covid so extra players, even a single guy acting as a referee, is highly unlikely. As I said earlier (or thought) I have played multi player games of Bolt Action whose only purpose is everyone doesn’t sit around too long before it is their turn again.

One big bug for me is armour. I came into this hobby with a totally armour centric set of rules (Tractics) and it has taken me decades to find the infantry action more intriguing. So I can see having no or very little armour for most scenarios but still will have a penchant for some primarily armour engagements. To that end I have no illusions and feel I will in all likelihood incorporate very detailed armour rules into anything I play. My bad!