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John D Salt

Some rule writers should be made aware of this.

The thing I always find frustrinteresting about reports like this is how they never seem to deal with the same topics that wargames rules-writers deal with. This report concentrates on recce, engaging hidden targets, use of smoke, and the assignment of control measures such as objectives and boundaries. In most wargames I’ve played, “Time spend in reconnaissance is always wasted”, area fire against poorly-located targets isn’t possible, there might not be satisfactory rules for smoke, and control measures are almost always completely absent. So unfortunately for Coyotepunc, a putative Nasserhamsterstaktischehandbuch might not help very much on the wargames table.

As an aside, what ‘musicians’ did a German infantry platoon/company have, buglers? I don’t recall seeing photos of such men, or figures offered for sale by figure manufacturers. A couple of ‘Jingling Johnnies’ would enliven my platoon HQs no end.

Sadly I can find no evidence of jingling johnnies at platoon, or even company, level. I’ve had a gander at a lot of the infantry KStNs at https://www.wwiidaybyday.com and come to the hand-waving conclusions that:

Company and rifle platoon HQs each have one bugler (Hornist) for orbats up to the end of 1941. The Schützen-Feldersatzkompanie has huge platoons, each with 2 buglers.

From Feb to Nov 1941 company and rifle platoon HQs will have buglers and also a visual signaller, presumably with the K-Blink, see https://www.nachrichtentruppe.de/en/technology/69-das-k-blinkgeraet-von-reichswehr-und-wehrmacht

From 1943 radios make an appearance, typically 4 Feldfunksprecher bs for the company, and the buglerage and blinkery mostly disappear. One Orbat for a Sturmkompanie includes 8 Feldfunksprecher bs as well as company and platoon buglers, and the one for the Karpaten-Jagdkompanie has 4 Feldfunksprecher bs and platoon buglers.

A modest amount of time flonking around the interwebs reveals four or five photos of Wehrmacht buglers who look warrier than regimental bandsmen,including one Fallschirmjäger, but few of them seem to be easily linkable to.

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