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Good scenario design stops that.

What aspect(s) would help alleviate this issue? Not trying to be combative but curious, especially wrt NEiS as I liked a lot of other parts of that game. OK I see you modified your post. That is what I had in mind. Thank you.

Sorry, your answer and my edit must have crossed each other. But anyway, any ruleset assumes (often implicitly) a specific genre of scenario, density of troops, density of terrain, etc. for the ruleset to ‘work’ properly. Crossfire works best with dense terrain. Other rulesets such as 18th century with a focus on regiment manoeuvre assumes a lot of open terrain. Some rulesets are specifically written with the point values/army lists model in kind. Finding a good ruleset that suits your needs also often means asking yourself what type of scenario you like to play or what your favoured approach to wargaming is.

Agreed, but a set of rules which impose specific conditions for the terrain is just a game. If playing in North Africa doesn’t suit the game then it can’t carry over to different theatres and is therefore limited, not by the nature of warfare but by the conditions imposed by the rules. I have printed crossfire out and will be reading it this weekend. Thank you.