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OK john

Read the second part of your treatise and agree wholeheartedly BUT;

  1. How on earth would you implement any small part of that in a game. Even given my penchant for two platoons to a couple companies plus support I should have some form of plan in mind before the game starts (read SHOULD!). You would either have to give written orders to every platoon or squad or just assume your will and the way to handle the individual units reflects your battle plan.
  2. That was the method WRG used to impose on all it’s “WWII to modern rules” back in the day. (I only had those rules so can’t comment whether they used the same approach in any other rules). To me it was the most useless part of the game. Unless you just write the orders then give them to an umpire who interprets and performs all the actions of those units I could not see how that aspect could be played out.

So to me a great idea which cannot be implemented in game terms. Please prove me wrong and I could see this being implemented in a computer game (since I don’t play computer games this may be a common item in some).