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Well, the problems here are those inherent in all written order systems. But they work fine if you do them as declaratory in the manner of Black Powder.


Alternatively, if you want to keep the surprise in, write all the orders and objective types on bits of card and keep them face-down, revealing them only when you change them (i.e. when you put down new hidden orders, your opponent gets to see the old ones – if the unit has violated its previous orders at any point, they automatically rout or surrender. This encourages a sensible caution in keeping within the confines of the orders). I haven’t done this latter with WRG, but I have done it with other systems (notably “Schlachtenbummler” (forgive spelling!), a Richard Brooks’ set for late C19 warfare) and it works perfectly well.

Please elaborate. I do not know either of these rules. How, other than what you stated briefly in the second section, does this work? Thank you.