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A mechanism which I tried once went like this:

A wargames table was set up in the usual fashion, with six chaps playing a 1980s cold war gone hot game.

There were two tables set up upstairs for three wargamers a side, each with a hand drawn map of the table.  They wrote orders to the people down below.

The orders would be taken downstairs where the chaps playing the game would play their first turn, then they would have one minute to report to their CO.   They could only exercise initiative based on the experiences of each and all of the three or four subunits they controlled, and within their orders.


The two umpires would rush upstairs whilst the chaps below were playing their next turn and deliver the reports and collect the orders immediately.


There were also two lonely CinCs, each with their own table and reports and fire mission requests from their three subordinates.


So, everyne was talking one turn late and receiving two turns late.


I would have liked to develop the idea further, but everyone got pissed off that they didn’t know what was going on.