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Chris Helm

Hi Stephen,

I was interested to see you remark in your opening post that you’d tried Nordic Weasel’s ‘No End in Sight’ but that they’d failed to satisfy the ground rules that you’d set out in the first couple of paragraphs.

I’m a fan of Ivan Sorensen’s rules, in the main, and I think it’s perhaps unfortunate that you picked NEiS because you’re quite right, that ruleset definitely leans towards the lower end of the operational level you’re interested in.  It’s much more the ‘platoon of individuals, grouped into squads’ than the ‘company of platoons, built up from squads’.  The result is that the rules aren’t so elegant as most other rulesets in the Nordic Weasel canon, particularly the sets built around the FiveCore mechanisms.  (*Actually I ‘d say NEiS is much ‘fussier’ than Ivan’s other rules but that maybe that’s being too harsh.)  Also NEiS is, I believe, one of Ivan’s earlier rulesets and I think that shows.  It’s not as tightly written and presented as the newer parts of the canon.

If I were looking for something from NWG that would deliver what your ground rules demand, I’d pick FiveCore Company Command.  It’s pitched at the right level, with the basic units being infantry squads and heavy weapons teams of various kinds.  The command and control system is workable and entertaining.  It caters for vehicles, off table artillery and the like but they aren’t core to the game.  Units come in a limited number of different ‘flavours’, rifle squads, assault squads, engineers and so on but the rules provide for further tuning of unit capabilities by attaching ‘specialists’ here and there, such as AT teams, additional LMGs and so on.  The ‘specialists’ mechanism alone makes the rules for me, as it makes it easy to see on the table which units are differentiated and the differences are easy to remember and administer during play.  The rules also include a whole suite of supplementary sections covering everything from unusual situations and solo play to scenario generators and war generators.  And all for $7.99 on Wargames Vault.

If you’re interested and want to take a look at some games played with this system by someone who really pushes its limits, take a look at Just Jack’s ‘BlackHawkHet‘ blog at http://blackhawkhet.blogspot.com/search/label/5Core%20Company%20Command.

I hope that’s some use to you.  Good luck with your search, I’ll follow this with interest.  And no, I’m not the NWG sales rep.  I just enjoy playing the rules and I’ve discovered that they’re more nuanced than is apparent at first.

All the best,