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I find myself adapting to many scales of play nowadays, partially to try out new or alternate things and partially since my potential opponents prefer that scale. I have Company Commander and found some aspect(s) disappointing, but don’t for the life of me remember what and may tastes may have changed with the wind or experience with other systems which also don’t address my “present” ideas. As I said I could see a few tweaks and finishing some sections which seem to have missed a final work but my opponent squashed that with the attitude that it wasn’t his job to finish the designer’s game. A point I give only if the rest of the game requires so much revision that you would be writing your own game. My biggest point was it seemed to easy to get units stuck trying to advance and that plugged up game play. But a different scale, so..

I have seen much of Jack’s work and we have had discussions. The results frankly escape me now but I think we agreed to disagree.

I also have Hammer of Democracy and started a thread with questions but can’t for the life of me remember enough to see if I want to go that way again. I will look there. There are so durn many choices and rabbit holes to go down I am spending all my time looking at them!