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Norm S

I wonder how long the boardgame publishing bubble can last. Certainly on Kickstarter, games are receiving a huge bundle of stuff and no longer has it arrived and the next Kickstarter is off. I also note at Consimworld (boardgame forum) that quite a lot of the older gamers are slimming down their collections.

For myself, I am turning my collection increasingly over to series type games, so that only one rulebook has to be learned to be able to play all of the game in that series. Bit by bit I am trying to cover the various periods that interest me. In that regard, those figure gamers who have happily found a single set that they can know and understand to get the most out of them, are at a place that I think some boardgamers can envy.

BGG is a valuable place for the boardgamer and though the site hosts rulebook systems such as Black Powder, it generally does not have an audience that has been big enough to generate a momentum of visitors.