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One last try

Believe me, being the umpire was fascinating.  Although today I would not be able to run up the stairs.,


The problem, as I see it, is the rather simple question of who the wargamer is.  In most 1900-2020 games you are at least a dozen people with three ranks.  In the game I have just described, each person round the table was three company commanders (or Sov Bn), his immediate boss was commanding a Bn with a bit of support (Or a Sov Regt) and the two chaps trying to make sense of it all, were Brigadiers or divisional commanders.


The key point here is that, in a normal game, the four players per side would have the telepathic sense to be able to put each platoon where they wanted them with no failure to move or poor positioning.  I think that the idea was worth working with, but people thought the blue on blues, the delayed and uncoordinated advances were a failure of the approach.  I rather saw them as a resounding success.