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John D Salt

Ten from me with an effort at being eclectic (although I have to agree with Ain Jalut, Saratoga, Pearl Harbor, Stalingrad, and, finally, the defeat of the Armada as the first major victory of the Royal Navy, which became the principal engine of dominance of the most extensive empire ever).

I’ve gone a bit naval, and tried to venture a bit further afield than Europe.

In no particular order:

Kulikovo fields — Russia avoids strangulation at birth
ONS-5 — tipping point of the most critical campaign of the biggest war ever
Cerignola — setting the scene for Spanish military dominance, but more importantly the rise of shoulder-fired firearms
Midway — tipping point of the Pacific war, and demonstration of the importance of naval aviation, cryptography, and wargaming
Constantinople — confirmed the decline of the Byzantines, the rise of the Ottomans, and the arrival of artillery
Badr — Mohammed scores the first victory in the rise of Islam
Taranto — reversed the balance of naval power in the Med at remarkably low cost, demonstrated the importance of naval aviation, and gave the Japanese the idea for Pearl Harbor
Cuzco — destruction of the Inca Empire
Hakata Bay — Japan, with some assistance from the weather, defeats one of the most powerful naval invasions ever launched, and remains independent from Korea
Yamen — Kublai Khan takes China

All the best,