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John D Salt

OK, two rules I have been going over are Crossfire and Fireball Forward. Forgive me my ignorance but are there discussion forums with Q&As, FAQs or just people willing to talk about these rules? Preferably with the designers on board so I can get it “from the mouth”.

Although not the actual horses’s mouth (Arty Conliffe being the horse, see https://crossfire.wargaming.info/), there was a very good and thoughtful page on Crossfire on the old LLoydian Aspects web pages, versions of which are preserved in aspic here (I can’t tell any difference between them):


Lloyd has now re-branded himself as Lindybeige, and still not learnt how to spell “opsimath” or “eremite”, but as far as I know not added anything Crossfirey lately.

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