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John – there’s a bit of subtleness in the Wings of War cards though, as different aircraft types use different manoeuvre decks, which helps to reproduce eg the ability of rotary engined ‘planes (WWI variant, I haven’t tried the WWII version) to turn tighter than other fighters, or the more sedate two seaters to maintain a stately progress straight across the table. It limits the players ability to perform impossible acrobatic feats & means that they do have to plan a few seconds (in game time) ahead. Sure, there’s a bit of second guessing involved, but there are mechanisms to enable more skilled ‘ace’ pilots (not players) to react more quickly than the run of the mill pilot, or the novice. I find that the mechanics provide for reasonably realistic outcomes, unless you’re flying against my younger daughter, who’s a natural born killer in the sky & shoots down Se5a’s for fun!