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Guy Farrish

Yes, I am interested in what you think. I may not agree with you, but I’m interested to know all sorts of things about what you think of as wargaming.

That includes why you have written and used the rules you have, why you think ‘war’ gaming includes fantasy and SF (it clearly doesn’t – they are gaming but once you rewrite the parameters of reality… ) and where you think you see wargaming (of any sort!) going.

It won’t make me rush out to save the youth of today from Orcs, Ferengi, skirmish games, mad rule-figure tie ins etc, but I quite like to harrumph over the broadsheet in the morning and wonder what the Old Queen would have made of it all.

I don’t hanker after the days of trying to cast conversions in cuttlefish (I never believed this was a real thing, but thanks to the internet, apparently…) but I have an inveterate nosinessĀ  and a desire to know what future generations will not believe was ‘a thing’ once upon a time, so please write on.