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John D Salt

Count me in with Deephorse and Thomaston. I go along with Richard Feynman: “What do you care what other people think?”, and in general I don’t give a frittered fig for anyone’s opinion about anything, unless they can back it up with facts and argument. There is a well-known proverb about everyone having an opinion, which I’m sure you all know.

What would be vastly more interesting to me would be your account of how TWW came to be set up, what went well and what went badly, how hard it is to make an honest shilling out of wargaming, and your best tips and tricks on how to do it. Yes, such an account might upset a few people associated with the page that shall not be mentioned, but I don’t think that should stop such matters being ventilated in a respected, long-standing publication like MW. And, whatever the value of your experience in wargaming, fantasy game design, figure sculpting and other such stuff, you are very definitely the world’s leading expert on TWW.

All the best,