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War Panda

At long least I’m logged long enough to reply! (Does no one else not have a problem remaining logged in?)


Anywhose…Talk about a thread looking like a thinly veiled trap! Come on little panda…come on…smell the tasty bamboo!…. step right here on this shiny man trap…

Jack you never miss an opportunity to display your Biff Bang caveman mentality to a BatRep 

Lets take a look at an average AAR from Just Jack   OK on this side we have a marauding gang of real cut throat weasels and who once again have invaded Carpet Land. These guys have to use d6’s without 6’s to fight…this is the thematic equivalence of the poor sods having to fight with their pants around their ankles…maybe this is a Marine thing?) While the good guys (just imagine an entire army of Just Jack’s…I know. Ugly thought right?) …… So Lt Just Jack heroically rushes across a field into cover under a hail of nerf bullets…while Cap Just Jack barks orders to Privates Just Jack and Just Jack to out flank the evil Weasels MG nest (MG=Marshmellow Gun) Private Just Jack gets hit in the face collapsing back onto the carpet, chewing the spongy pink fondant. …exciting stuff right?


“The great Gaels of Ireland are the men that God made mad,
For all their wars are merry, and all their songs are sad.”