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Just Jack

”Some may think these statements seem unrelated. We both know different Jack.”
Ah, yes, what it must be like to have ‘life-sized’ wargame figures, to be able to paint your toys using both hands, while standing eye-to eye.  It’s no wonder you have the most realistic livestock 😉

“…allowing your wife to listen to that beautiful Irish accent…I’m just saying you’re asking for trouble…”
Oh, my poor Panda, apparently you’ve been watching your videos with the sound muted.  You sound like Mickey Mouse, but speaking a foreign language, and with undescended testicles.

“And hey, thanks for the kind words…I know how difficult it is for you”
Yes, I’m not much for niceties, but I must show some respect for the table, it is simply awesome.  I keep staring at it: “how the @#$% did he do that?”
That is definitely some master craftsmanship; I’m sure you’re doing the local model railroader’s club proud 😉

I’m glad you posted this stuff, and I can’t imagine how much time you put into setup, play, the comic book backdrop for the video, and the editing/posting of the video, thanks for taking the time, I appreciate what goes into it (even if my stuff doesn’t look anywhere near as good).

On my end, I have yet to watch the 2nd part of your video, but I’ll get to it soon.  I’ve had a rash of ‘real-life’ crap break out, and so I haven’t gotten anything done with regards to wargaming lately.  I’ll look to remedy that this weekend.  Take care man.