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Just Jack

Holy cow, quite a few responses, thanks fellas.

Rod – “You can never have too much micro armour!” Perhaps, but you can have more than you’ll ever get on the table, and that’s what my worry is.  And the fact I keep perusing GHQ’s website and Ebay for more.  It’s sickness…  Now that you’re all caught up I need to do some more write-ups (I have two I haven’t gotten to yet).

Kyote – “You have been busy, and yes you did over buy…”  Yes and yes.  And hurry up with your 15mm stuff, I want to see deep into some Company Command.  And find your Elvira 😉

Jim – The bases are 60mm x 40mm, and they’re just fitting three of the large, modern MBTs.  I love PicoArmor/Oddzial Ozmy, but this 6mm stuff looks pretty cool too 😉

Spurious – “…is there a sneaky system going on…”  Nothing sneaky man, I’m not clever enough for that.  But I will marking them, probably just with a Sharpie on the back edge.  I agree about needing something to identify the units; if you’ve read any of my batreps you’ve seen I’m big into following units through a campaign, so I absolutely have to have a means of identifying them.  But I’m lazy so I just take a marker and do it.  Works for me.

Thanks again guys, and I’m glad to hear about all the guys getting stuff ready for Company and Brigade Command.  Take care.