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Angel Barracks

The problem for me is that I started my own sci-fi range as I wanted to use stuff that people did not make, such as sci-fi civilians and sci-fi livestock.
I wanted it, so I made it and made them into commercial products for others to buy.
I still have that goal/desire in mind, to offer things that others don’t.
Now I appreciate that not everyone will like a model that I think is cool.
And of course talk is cheap, all manufacturers are aware that people will coo over products but not actually cough up the money to buy them once they are made.

That is why the resin is integral to my business, I make the masters myself, and mould and cast them myself.
They turn into profit quickly.

I have actually approached a caster I use about mould sharing, so if they say yes then I can bring out all the quirky little odds and sods that I want to be able to sell without having to pay for a full production mould.
They will be limited in terms of availability but they will be available, which will help me in terms of sharing the 6mm joy.

Thanks, I think simply talking out loud has helped.