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Just Jack


“Maybe have small artillery elements (i.e a battery) on table in support of the unit they are supporting. Thus, they can normally only provide rounds on target for the infantry BN they support.”
I think this is a cool idea; you put a singly-mounted artillery piece next to the supported element, and they can call a fire mission that turn.  In my mind, you have the number of batteries supporting your overall force, which gives the total amount of fire missions you can call per turn (three batteries in support = max 3 fire missions per turn), but then you’re also limited by a total number of fire missions for the game (i.e., three batteries in support, but max of 15 fire missions in the game; or ammo is short so, three batteries but only 9 FMs in the game, etc…).

At the beginning of each turn the player gets to allocate his three batteries wherever he wants: assuming you have three batteries, you can put one with three different units, all three with one unit, or some combination therein.  You can also place batteries with the command stand, meaning he can call in the fire missions himself, or use them for counterbattery.  One fire mission targets one enemy unit anywhere on the table, so long as the calling unit has LOS to the enemy unit, minus counterbattery (you don’t have to have LOS to the enemy arty for counterbattery, that’s done via radar).

Shelldrake – “I meant to add: a BN artillery asset is on a call for that unit, where as all observers can call in a fire mission with higher level assests, thus they could have a Fire Mission Division, or Fire Mission All Available, which would be perfect for the heavy stuff mentioned.”
Forgive me, I’m not familiar with ‘FM Division’ or ‘FM All Available’ terminology, what’s that?  And are you saying that we have FO stands, or that each (company-level) stand is assumed to have an FO (or someone able to call in air and arty)?  My vote is for the latter.

Now, having said all that, there is always Jack’s argument for simplicity: an arty stand or two is on table and is treated just like every other fighting unit except: arty can hit any enemy unit anywhere on the table, so long as any friendly unit has LOS to the target.  Quick and easy.  As always, my counsel is make the simple one the rule and make the more complex one an optional rule.  Give the player a toolset from which to choose what he wants, sort of a la carte 😉

There’s my two cents, sorry to hop in late.