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“I have got to admit that my earlier prediction was way off the mark.”

Rod let me tell you, we both got it wrong and at that time I had planned that the German’s would be a little on the reckless side.

Personally apart from some unbelievable rolling (after that turn I immediately ran out the door in my PJ’s and bought some lottery tickets…unfortunately I think it must have been a German activation) But I think two situations most contributed to the German’s disastrous turn

1) The decision of the FJ’s to move the fully loaded 251 into a bottleneck on the narrow street in close proximity to the Sherman

2)The Sherman been allowed two unmolested activations in a roll at the bridge

Number 2. required the Stug failing to come on in the earlier Turn. That was really unlucky. Only a roll of an 11 or 12 on 2 d6’s would keep it held up and it managed to roll an 11. The German’s would have chosen it to move up front before the more vulnerable half-track.


Number 2. The random activation mechanic also worked in the US favour. Also required the US get the first Command Activation Dice of the Turn so they could activate before the Stug. It was the Sherman’s fire that forced the FJ second squad onto the street which prevented the Stug from firing through them at the Sherman.

“I am struck by the lack of spotting and acquisition rolls in the game.”

Good question. Troops beginning a game in Hidden positions cannot be targeted. But once be move or open fire they loose their “hidden” status and are fair game.

Having never played “Bolt Action” before, I wonder why they are missing? What chance would the M-8 have of spotting a concealed sniper in such short order?”

As the Foo Fighters would say “I’ve got another confession to make”

Looking at that particular situation with the sniper…There’s a base 3+ chance of hitting a unit. The sniper is in a building automatically needs a 6 to hit.  Sniper is a small unit. +1  So needs a 6 followed by a 6 for the shooting to negatively effect him in anyway!

When the MG fired it’s 3 dice it needed to achieve a 6 followed by a 6 just to acquire the target but then needed a 5 or a 6 to knock out the sniper! I think I was so shock to see two 6’s followed by two 6’s. But that would have only pinned him without another 5 or a 6 rolled by those two hits. So in actual fact he shouldn’t be necessarily dead.

 “I grovel and kow-tow before you”


You and Jack need to spend more time together! This is more than an acceptable attitude. You are obviously a gentleman of impeccable taste and bearing. You have my respect Sir. (Are you sure you’re Scottish? )

“. Speaking of Bill Slavin, I noticed you are using tea-lights for you burning vehicle markers.”


Please don’t speak to me about that puffed up fraudulent charlatan of a “gamer”…yeah “gamer” Puh Lease….. dresses up his railway dioramas with smoke and lights and …rraahhh!!!

Ahem …I don’t know who you mean,  Ben Stalin…sounds like a bit of a chancer if you ask me but no…don’t know him at all   

Of course I know of Bill and his show off war-games…if Bill is doing it THAT way then I better too 

I actually saw his latest post on TMP and to be honest he is an artist (and next week I’ll tell you what kind 



“The great Gaels of Ireland are the men that God made mad,
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