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Ivan Sorensen

Jack – that does clear it up better.

Okay, so we’re talking about two things here:

One is how to handle batteries located on the table, the other is how to handle off-board arty.

So Jack: In your mind would these be randomly available each turn or have some sort of depletion roll (1 in 6 chance of being out?).

I’m not super keen on having more dice thrown at the start of the turn, beyond the Activation and Event dice. Adding a Depletion die to the fire attack would be easy enough though, particularly if the fire mission is kept to 2 dice or so.

I think I like your setup. Will have to mess with it a bit though. It seems solid though.


Shell – at the risk of dishonouring your profession, I’d say the FO gets abstracted away. He’s where he needs to be, zipping around from company to company as need be.

Yes, that’s very abstract, but we already abstracted away much of the command structure as it is. (It also saves on having to make special rules about FO’s and whatnot).

Alternatively, we can make it a Unit Attachment, similar to heavy weapons platoons. +1 Shock die for missions fired in support of that unit.

Striking a game’able balance between how effective artillery will be, without basically making it an artillery game will be tricky.

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