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Rod Robertson

As a starting point, here are some basic descriptions of what AFV’s should be able to do In a skirmish game. The list is by no means complete so feel free to add or to subtract from the list below. The list includes but is not limited to:

  • Have their own specific movement rates to allow different types of tanks to operate differently.
  • Have their movement rate(s) degraded by terrain, meteorological conditions and being Buttoned Up vs. Crew Exposed.
  • Have their movement improved by terrain conditions if Unbuttoned.
  • Be able to move in forward and in reverse.
  • Be able to carry passengers – the number of passengers should be specified by vehicle
  • Be bogged or immobilised in certain terrain with modifiers for the mass and ground pressure of the AFV.
  • Have to operate within command and control distances which are set by the rules and depend on visibility or the availability and reliability of radios.
  • Be able to both move and fire most of the weapons with which they are outfitted (although not all at the same time).
  • Have their own specific armour ratings differentiated for different locations on the AFV.
  • Be able to enhance their armour protection by ad hoc modifications if there is an historical precedent to do so.
  • Be able to use terrain as cover to go hull-down or turret-down.
  • Be able to use movement and speed to degrade the enemy’s chances of hitting it.
  • Be able to use defensive technology such as smoke candles, smoke mortars and engine-based smoke generators.
  • Be able to lay down speculative fire on unacquired targets as suppressive fire.
  • Be able to fire in the general area of infantry/crews in cover without being able to acquire them, if they know from reports that the targets are there, but have that fire of limited effect.
  • Be able to fire accurately at acquired infantry/crews in cover with lower chances to hit but full effect if they do hit.
  • Be able to physically overrun enemy.
  • Be able to survive most small arms fire depending on its level owned completeness of armour protection.

Cheers ts and good gaming.

Rod Robertson