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  • Have their own specific movement rates to allow different types of tanks to operate differently.
  • Be able to move in forward and in reverse.
  • Be able to both move and fire most of the weapons with which they are outfitted (although not all at the same time).

Just picking on these bits specifically as I feel they’re actually quite interlinked. Given the lack of stabilization for gunnery going on in WW2, there’s a distinct stop-start nature to the short range fighting from what I’ve read/seen/played in the more simulation end of computer games. This makes practical speeds far more about crew reaction time and acceleration on the given terrain, so for a game system could quite easily be had as not so much about the vehicle’s specific top speed  over X terrain over time but rather a rough indicator of just how well it can shift when called to go to or from a dead stop when required. the distances covered on boards in a skirmish for most sized of miniature wouldn’t even allow many vehicles to hit their top speed (unless playing with a very distorted ground to figure scale I guess).

Also in reactions, amount of time to align the turret really matters because the short range duels can be entirely decided by one tank not ‘looking’ in the right direction, even if they know the enemy is there. And on those lines, not just turrets turn but how a vehicle as a whole turns can be important if going for a very fine level of detail, like the CHAR B1’s ability to rotate the tracks in opposite directions rather than just braking on one side letting it turn on the spot.  Part of putting that in games is just nailing down how fine a slice of time do you want to try and represent, because the shorter the amount time accounted for in actions the more granularity that needs to be accounted for, because when aiming for the more simulation-y end of the spectrum, you gotta stop and ask yourself questions like if it’s actually adding anything to have actions account for a timespan so short that reloading is a serious consideration, or whether you can afford to ease up and abstract that out more (or even ignore it entirely in spite of not having the right shell, or even any shell loaded being a real life problem) and instead focus on the quality of the crew or something.