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Norm S

I think the great strength of the rules is the absorbing story that it produces and these days, it is that sort of thing that I want my games to give.

In Advance Squad leader (ASL), perhaps one of the most notable of tactical games, after the first shot, you get target acquisition of +1 (though it is on 2 x D6 to hit) and second shot would generate a +2 target acquisition marker on subsequent shots as long as there is not a break (i.e the unit does not move out of LOS or the firer fires at something else).

I have no problem with the short ranges mentioned, as I have said before, we need to be in a cartoon world if we are to have all our toys on the table. The perception of ‘what is realistic’ is different for each of us, but I am guessing that what most gamers think is realistic is in truth only half way realistic and if you made Bolt Action more ‘realistic’, it would likely lose its story telling strengths by degree.

In reality, some things like the Jagd panther should never be in the immediate front line. Their training manual had them back 1500 – 2000m from the front, where their gun could easily engage, the lack of a turret didn’t matter too much and their thick armour made them pretty much immune to return fire from the ground…….. but we want them on the table!

Every rule set fills a niche or a gaming perspective, if that niche does not suit the player, then it is not to say that the rules have failed – it simply means the gamer needs to continue looking elsewhere.

Neil Thomas rule (One – Hour wargames) holds a position that rule designers can introduce a lot into their rules to make them more realistic and yet the outcomes can be close to his own rules that do have all those modifiers and other ‘essentials’ that apparently we can’t do without in rules. I am not saying that I fully embrace that, but I have a very substantial sympathy with such a point of view.


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