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I ran a playtest last night with 0.05, took pictures but wanted to get my feedback to you as rapidly as possible.  I played all the rules as written, will get pics on the blog tonight.

I did a larger table, 3′ x 4′ attacking down the length.  The Warsaw Pact had a Motorized Rifle Regiment (BMP)  with the trimmings (full strength, air defense company, Recon company, Regimental Artillery group) with persistent off board artillery stonks available (152mm battalion attached from division)  I also gave them 1 activation for every 4 units

The Americans had a small Brigade with an armor battalion (4 x m-1 with 1 x recon attachment) and a mechanized infantry battalion (3 x M113 Infantry, 1 x recon attachment, and 1 x M901 ITV.) Also had a platoon of AH-1 gunships attached from division and a persistent off board stonk (155mm guns from DIVARTY) and I gave them 1 activation for every 3 units.

Bottom line, I liked all the rules I tested:

  • Recon:  Continues to look good, the light / heavy split is good and the ability for heavies to roll 1S when withdrawing makes them a useful screening force that can delay an enemy.
  • Gunships / Air Defense: Also looks good to me.  The gunships were useful as a highly mobile firepower platform, but I was reluctant to close with the Soviet air defense elements.  I think this worked well, as air defense was mostly a deterrent.  Also, in the attack, I did have the quandry of when should I move my air defense forward, which was good.
  • SP Artillery on table: I deployed these on table as attachments like assault guns, with 6″, +1K versus infantry and really worked well.  They were very useful in an assault on a town on the table, and I feel did not need any other special rules.  I’ll give players in this instance the option to field the regimental artillery like this or as an off board stonk.
  • Artillery:  I did not have the figures to try the “packet” rules and it did not feel appropriate for this period, so I used off board, persistent stonks.  I think it worked very well and I would not change a thing.  It was powerful, but not overly so.
  • ATGM’s: I am now 100% on board with the rules as written after having played them a few times.
  • Close assaults: Did several and they worked well, I now know I want to keep my M-1’s away from ready infantry and standoff and shoot at them or get soem friendly infantry in to handle them.

My only suggestion is:

Close Air Support: I know this is rolled into bombardments, but maybe as an optional rule:

  • Limited asset
  • Can hit targets anywhere on the board, not just in LOS
  • Must be called, roll d6: 1 = unavailable this turn, may try again, 6 = Aircraft tasked to another mission by higher HQ, lose the airstrike
  • Hits like Bombardment (1K/1S)
  • Air Defense within 6″ of the target roll 1S before the airstrike hits, 1= mission aborted but you may try to call it again in future turns, 6 = Aircraft damaged / destroyed and you lose the airstrike.

My only questions are:

  • If a target of a close assault is “Man Down” should it be a -1 or -2? I treated it like routed at -2, but how should it play?
  • A unit that is “Man Down” is hit by fire in a following turn and gets a bail on the shock die, what happens?  Bail and keep the “Man Down” status to check next time it is activated?  Or check it immediately and if it survives then bail?  I played it as the latter.

Cannot wait to see the next iteration and I love the cover!