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@kyoteblue: I wish I could do 15mm, but space, time,  and expense are limiting factors.  Your stuff always looks amazing!  When you get the rules out on the table, send us pictures.

@JustJack: Thank you!  My thinking on the T-72 versus M-1 match up is at typical engagement ranges in Germany (what 800 – 1200 meters?) a company of T-72’s could render a company of M-1’s combat ineffective.  I don’t use Desert Storm as a yardstick for this, as the Iraqi’s had inferior locally produced ammunition and export model T-72’s.  Plus M1A1 (and M1IP’s) are up armored from the first generation of Abrams.

I prefer to give NATO an advantage with more activation’s, so that while they have fewer shooters, they will fire more often.  Also, maybe give them shoot and scoot.

Just to make things interesting, I am painting up a batch of T-55’s, which I will count as lower tech versus the M-1’s all around.  Will let you guys know how that goes.  My FRG Territorials will have M-48’s with 105mm guns, so they will be lower tech when shot at by our T-72’s but equal tech when firing.

What I really like about the way Ivan writes rules is the ratings are relative.