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Just adding this as I bought Dempsey’s ‘Napoleons Soldiers’- the epic masterpiece on the a.k.a ‘Otto Manuscript’- not the painters name but the 20thC person who ‘sold’ the originals prior to WWII… subsequently sold then donated to NYPL.

Napoleons Soldiers_2005

But I digress… it has multiple examples of ‘white’ habits as described. ((Edit))

This site in addition___

Whilst doubt is now thrown on the exact/ potential original date of the paintings uniforms- gouache as Dempsey describes, they cannot be taken as less than fine examples of the variation, or similarity if you go glass half full way, of such military creatures between 1804 and 1809 inclusive.

That uniforms of any nation weren’t and couldn’t be replaced wholly and army wide, let alone all over the continent, is patently misrepresented by ommission almost always.

We are now far more pragmatic about the implementation of such variables, where were units?; how were they supplied?; need for replacements etc. all applicable.

[Edit +spelling] Not having seen the book when first released,  in 1994 – (I thought I was buying a reprint of 2005), I’ve scraped various images from the net over time- nowadays a less than satisfying effort than in past. So for £6 who would ignore such a bargain- Caliver Books to the rescue!

And in excellent condition, well worth having ‘even if’ most of the content is later than my envisioned use dates- nevertheless GuyDs descriptions are themselves useful for highlighting differences and similarities over contentious points.
Relevant to an acid, or is that caustic, critical thinker…

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