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Easy, McLaddie, with such a thin skin even the slightest exertion might lead to a painful rash of indignation.  I see you’re still here. Just checking.

I have a complete blog of my design concepts and explanations.  But, even then, some people can completely misread the text, as you have done.  I have never claimed my designs are more narrative than others, but that some design approaches provide different means of supplying narratives , and provide better narratives for people that enjoy entertainment and variety more than rigid and highly determinative “simulations”.  This is an opinion, but one that informs what I like in designs, both mine and others.

I’ve never been able to discern your design philosophy.  Care to provide examples?  Bandit is in the process of doing this to his credit, and added credibility.  Good for him.

Just relax.  Have another cup of coffee.