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JJ Parus

Bandit wrote:

In each of them I (the player) control a host of individuals of varying number. So my question is – in these games, or other similar games – who is the player?


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To answer your question I don’t know.  Perhaps I was unclear and assumed too much, as in all my skirmish gaming is 1:1, therefore your perspective, what you can do, when, and how well is a function of “who you are.”

Mountain Man and Tribal Brave might be on close footing for woodcraft, tracking, moving silently, etc, while a homesteader or cowboy would not.  A homesteader might be a reasonable shot with a long gun (hunting for food) but less capable under fire and useless with a hand gun,  A cowboy might have a working skill at shooting a handgun, but would lack the skills for a hollywood style gunfight, while a lawman, bounty hunter, gunslinger, and similar might all have similar high skills.  What they do in a turn is also driven by who they are, whether the decision they must make would be.

I can see that in TSATF, you would lack that same perspective.