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Just Jack


I was out of town the past few days and not paying attention to the forums.  I apologize for getting in the middle of Bandit, McLaddie, and Repiqueone’s ongoing game design argument 😉

I mistakenly thought the question was, what is a “Narrative Wargame?” not what is a “narrative wargame?” AKA “the narrative aspect of playing wargames,” to then be debated as to which type of game mechanism(s) can possibly provide/aid said narrative.  There is a “Narrative Wargame” battle report somewhere on the internet, in which three or four players are all British section leaders and they are attacking a German bunker, and the umpire conducts the game and ‘runs’ the German force.

Bandit – I didn’t respond on the other thread, but I read your response to my question regarding your upcoming rule set.  I appreciate you taking the time to respond, and they look interesting.  Thanks again.