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Rod Robertson


A short and sharp engagement which because of your excellent photography and clear narrative was easy to follow. Good report and thanks for posting. Your table looks so clean and well landscaped as if war had broken out on a well managed country estate. It seems almost a shame that the opponents are shooting at each other!

I am thinking about un-moth-balling my micro-armour this summer and getting back into some games on battle group and regiment scales. I used to use WRG Modern Warfare or OMG by Tabletop Games but I am thinking about buying Nordic Weasels Coy Commander and Brig Commander rules, What in your opinion are the selling-points of these FiveCore rules and what needs to be revised or changed? The other option for me might be Fist Full of Tows III which I have heard good things about too. Have you ever played using those rules and if so do you have an opinion about which rules produce a better game. Incidentally, I would be running games at my local wargames club so solo-play-ability is a low priority for me.

Cheers and good gaming

Rod Robertson.