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Thank you!   I built the table and terraing for 6mm Napoleonics, where it, for some strange reason did not look so odd.  West Germany, it appears, is one large putting green!  If you look carefully in the photos, though, you can see scratch marks where the cats have gotten at it…

I am in the midst of upgrading my forest bases, though, as 2 inch hexes, so I can actually fit the units inside them.  Also considering experimenting with covering the table with a felt cloth with the wooden hills underneath.

As for rules…

I am biased, but I am rather enjoying Brigade Commander.  The nice thing about the two sets of Nordic Weasel rules are, they are exactly what they say on the tin.  Brigade Commander puts you in charge a of a Brigade and Company Commander a company.

When I was in high school in the 80’s, I used to game the cold war quit a lot, SI’s BAOR and a home grown board game fondly recalled as “Combat Commander” and printed on a dot matrix printer.  As for current rules, I have not tried FFT3.  I was originally planning to do Cold War Commander, but Brigade Commander has caught my fancy.

I believe Brigade Commander would be great for a club game, the rules are straightforward and the basic mechanics easy to remember after the first couple of turns. It moved fast, the results feel right based on what I know, and at Brigade level, I do not feel silly having the full range of support options available. Also, the stats for units are relative, so it is easy to put your own interpretation on how powerful an M1 should be, etc. If you buy Brigade Commander you get a set of sample late cold war TOE’s (by yours truly) that are easily fiddled with you want to modify them.

Let us know how you get on with your project and post updates here!