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Cracking game reports.  I have played a lot of simulation style systems (MSH, FFOT, WRG and even computer sims such as BCT Commander) but wanted something new. My best mate who is a another gamer and I sat down one night and discussed how our gaming as adults had changed. 10 years ago I was a “that looks fine from 2 feet away” sort of person, now I like to spend time adding detail but from a gaming perspective we don’t have anywhere as much time as we used to, or space for that matter.  We both wanted something we could get on the table, looks attractive and get a result in an evening.  So having smaller well painted forces seemed  to meet what we wanted.

I like the chaos that 5Core brings.  This has definitely reignited my cold war and micro armour.  As with nearly everything we all like to tinker new asset cards, attachment types etc to personalise our games and again I have enjoyed watching TinMan develop these themes which I am going to shamelessly copy.

From a gaming perpective I like the level of granularity that the 5Core system brings.  A potential downside is the occurrence of catastrophic results that can happen without the right game density.  TinMan’s Campaign Game 1 for example could have gone horribly wrong had NATO lost a company early on.  I had that when playing with Israelis against Egyptians in the test game and Ivan and I had a conversation on the yahoo group about it.