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In terms of spreading out I think it should be the other way around.  We used to have a rule in BAOR that BGs were not to have their center of masses closer than 4km as a defensive measure against Nuclear strikes.  The 3′ x 3′ table means that NATO defences are a lot more concentrated than perhaps they should be a brigade frontage would be a lot wider between 10 – 20km depending on terrain.  I did consider changing the ground scale from 1″ : 100m to 1″:200m that would have meant changing all distances. Other alternative is to play it in cm which is the ground scale that the very old OMG rules used but that is for the future once I am happy that the game system as written gives me the sort of game I want.

From an soviet perspective it depends on whether you consider if it is part of the advance to contact or a deliberate attack.  So more of having units sequencing from the line of march onto the table with an amount of delay rather than starting with the line battalions in an assault formation.

If you take the Advanced Guard that is meant to be the mechanism by which the Regimental main body is pulled through the defences.  A lot of modern games end up in attritional fighting rather than simulating the aim to get through the defensive crust and into the rear areas.  The NTC AARs are quite graphic on that account.  Punch through, kill the trains and then turn and finish off any pockets of combat forces.   Easier when you play solo to keep forces aligned to doctrine and the scenario brief 🙂


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