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Rod Robertson

Just Jack:

Looking very good. Indeed! The Leopards are perhaps too early to go with the LAV’s. By the time the LAV’s were in use we had upgraded to Leopard 1A4’s at least.  I know you pride yourself on being frugal but if you want you could get every thing you need such as 6×6 Cougars , Grizzlies and Bisons from CinC (precursors to the eight wheeled LAV’s) and TOW under armour M-113’s, Lynx Recce vehicles (M-114’s for all intents and purposes) and ADATS from GHQ. Twin Huey’s and Kiowa’s are made by CinC and GHQ respectively.  It’s cool to see you building Cold War Canucks, so I applaud you on your good taste and discerning eye. Who will 4CMBG be pitted against?

Cheers and good gaming!

Rod Robertson.