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Just Jack

“My gut feeling is to stick with 1 per 3.”
Of course you don’t want to see NATO at 1 per 2 and WarPac at 1 per 4, you’re the Commissar!

But I’ll do it anyway, and have lot’s of fun too!  You’re not the boss of me 😉

It is cool how ‘tweaks’ have taken this engine all over the place with Brigade Commander.  I’m still trying to wrap my head around all of them, sort out which ones I want to try.  It really seems endless, i.e., “what if I wanted to do ‘x’? ”  “Well, just chop the range to 6″ on the unit, but add 1S, and give the force an extra activation on a normal turn, but also give them one despair point, and tell the other side they have to keep their units within 5″ of each other, but they get one ECM asset per turn, and ignore fall backs if the CO is within 8″.”

Not that I would do that, mind you, I’m a simple man.  But you could 😉