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But if we are not playing in exactly the same, chapter approved way, how can we have massive intercontinental Brigade Commander Tournaments?  I know Ivan is getting ready to start opening 5Core stores around the globe and require only 5Core approved miniatures to be used in all of his games!

Just kidding!  I saw let a thousand flowers bloom, I really like hearing how everyone else is approaching the game and this scale of combat.

@Jack: In my next game, I intend to give NATO “Coordination” as a persistent asset.  Also, I have not been using the take cover rule, and finally understand why it is useful!  Made a bunch of markers, will see how that goes. Also, there will be air, fixed ad rotary wing in support.

As for 2-93, the commander threw in his tank companies piecemeal, and eventually there were 2 or 3 BMP companies and the AT-5’s shooting on that flank.  They kept getting 6’s on the shock die.  Looking back, the NATO commander tried to counter attack on both flanks at once, when it would have been better to concentrate effort on one or the other flank decisively.

The AT-5’s being able to move and fire was good, they rolled up and held off the counterattack and let the BMP’s recover from the damaged status they had picked up in the first few turns of the game.