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Ivan Sorensen

I think a lot of games set out to be from a particular perspective but will drift over time.

Sometimes it’s hard to resist because you have to step back and say “No, that’s not appropriate”.
Then we howl when someone makes a skirmish game with no artillery rules or doesn’t let us manually deploy skirmishers in a game encompassing all of Waterloo ๐Ÿ™‚

To some extent, it’s a question of “the fewest moving parts that still make a fun game”.
If I am playing a platoon leader, I probably shouldn’t be making decisions about whether my squads throw grenades or shoot their rifles, but it’s more fun if I am and there’s only 3 squads in any event.
Not too many moving parts.

If I am now the company commander, that’s too many moving parts though, so we cut it out or abstract it away.

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