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Love your work, Ivan.  I’ve downloaded and will be using this. I also love your “War Generator” in the Brigade Commander rules.

One thing I’d probably add to both is something that was suggested on one of the other forums (can’t remember which, so can’t credit it to the originator). This is that the ‘primary’ and ‘secondary’ arms suppliers for your fictional country are also generated. The ‘primary’ supplier is the country that supplies most of the arms for your fictional nation / faction. The ‘secondary supplier is one that supplies some equipment, but they only supply their last-generation equipment (say 20 years prior to the current year – maybe from the surplus market?).

I’d make another random table, with the % chance of being supplied by a country being based on that country’s real-world % of supply to the world arms market. For each nation, roll twice with the first roll determining the ‘primary’ supplier, and the second roll determining the ‘secondary’ supplier. In a system like the War Generator, where other ‘alignment’ rolls may determine that a country is aligned to one bloc or another in certain periods (ie. NATO or WARPAC), then only primary suppliers from that bloc would be eligible (so for WARPAC, probably Soviet supplied, but for NATO-aligned, the supplier could be US, UK, Germany, France, etc). But a roll for a secondary supplier would still be made.

Just my opinion, but I think this would add some extra flavour to the systems. Having said that, they’re already very good!!