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Rod Robertson

Lovely work, Piers. You really do the hobby of table-top wargaming proud with such splendid models, figures and terrain. Bravissimo! I think my favourite early war tank is the Czech-built Pz 38(t) and seeing your Bat. Rep. has further entrenched that bias of mine. Thank you once again for inspiring me to do better and work harder at my miniatures. Your every posting inspires me and thus erodes my mountain of lead a bit more.

As an aside, does Battlegroup/Ironfist publish a complete and stand-alone set of rules or must one buy the supplements to get period/region specific rules in each supplement? PSC offers a mini-rules product but is it complete enough to play the game in any period or theatre? I am thinking of trying out the rules after reading the Charlie Platoon PDF on the Ironfist download page, but I am not willing to pay for supplements until I have tried the rules and decided whether it’s worth investing in or not. Since you play the rules so much you seem to be a good person to ask these questions of. Any insights which you could offer would be much appreciated.

Cheers and good gaming.

Rod Robertson.