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Hi; my name is Donald Hauser and I have been playing with toy soldiers my entire life. As a young fellow a friend and I would setup elaborate battlefields with Marx plastic soldiers and then throw rocks at them from a distance. About the time I entered 8th grade and might have put toys away a different friend found Donald Featherstones book War Games at the local public library. We’ll I was hooked for life.

Those first games were played with photocopied pages from the War Games and a pair of armies purchased from the back of a comic book, AWI to be exact and many of those soldiers are still in a box downstairs. When I eventually found Airfix my world exploded. I was painting WWI Germans and French Foreign Legion boxes for the Franco-Prussian War. I was also deforming the Ancient Britians with a candle to make Orcs to fight my Roman Legions, Robin Hood and Sheriffs warriors. Airfix seemed to make everything possible in those halcyon days.

I almost left the hobby after playing a long, competitive, non-stop, 14 hour game of Napoleons Battles. It was truly terrible.

Fortunately I didn’t as I am now a co-owner of BAD and Footsore Miniatures and looking to get back to my roots. Making toy soldiers and finally painting to comprehensive armies for the FPW!

Most of the games I play are fairly simple with loads of toy soldiers as it has always been the spectacle of massed armies of nicely painted toys on a pretty table that keeps me excited.

Chickens got livers? I'm gettin' some!