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Hello, Glenn (Sonny) Wilson, played my first war themed board game at age 9 after years of making up rules for my toy soldiers since I was much younger.  SPI Board games sometime before I enlisted in the USAF as a medic.  First Miniatures in 1971 – 1972 time frame, while in Sacramento, CA, USA, in service.  First FRPG (White Box D&D) within that window.

“In the Beginning”

Historical (Tricolor; Column,Line, and Square; Airfix plastic figures, Chainmail rules (2nd Edition,) , Fantasy [LOTR flavored Chainmail rules by Gygax and Perren,] , and SF [Starguard 2nd edition] from early on.




Prefer 2D Air War game rules, Battles over Skirmishes, and historical settings before 1914 (1680 – 1820 in North America) and after 1492.

Fantasy – the old Der Kreigspieler figures (especially Dwarf/”smiley faced” goblins) and now reaching for smaller size (bigger scale in my cartographic trained brain) from 18 to 3 mm.

A huge fan of Two Hour Wargame rules.