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Jeremy Sutcliffe

Jeremy Sutcliffe: Oldham

I’ve been gaming for 43 years.

As you can imagine, in that time I’ve touched most periods in a variety of scales and I’ve now got more figures than I’m ever going to need. Not that the collection is likely to stop growing.

Most of my stuff is 15mm which has suited me as a home based gamer with a 6′ x 4′ playing surface. I gave up counting the figures when the total passed 10k. However I’ve recently rediscovered the joys of painting 28mm and I’ve built up a larger than I need pool of forces for Ronin and I’m currently working on enough figures for Donnybrook. Don’t ask why but I’m also working on a 10mm Malburian set up.

There’s no club in the Oldham area but we do have web of home based gamers.