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I’m Thomas and have restarted wargaming about 2 years ago. As a youngster, I played GW’s Space Marines (the original Epic), subscribed religiously to Miniature Wargames (early Ian Dickie) and even had a Prussian SYW army which I never managed to paint due to General Laziness. 2 years ago, my girlfriend and I watched Wil Wheaton’s TableTop and got hooked to the whole gaming thing. I bought X-Wing and all went downhill from there…

At the moment, I play Ganesha Game’s rules in 28mm (pirates), SAGA in 15mm, Wars of the Roses in 15mm (Sharp Practice variant), sci-fi in 15mm (probably going to change rules, we realized we don’t like Tomorrow’s War), napoleonic naval in 1/2400 (Kiss me Hardy). Pretty eclectic, although it turns out my main interest is medievals and I’m pretty much a 15mm guy – my painting skills are just good enough to get a decent result in an acceptable time and we don’t have much space for gaming and storage anyway.

I really like the idea of this forum, thanks to Mike and Sam for doing this!