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Dear All,

I’ve gone and started a separate post to introduce myself, I know that appears rather big headed – sorry, didn’t know the form!

So anyway, just want to repeat my congratulations and best wishes to Mike for starting this forum, its very timely so ‘good on yer Mate!’

I play principally at my FLGS, the Hall of Heroes Campbelltown NSW Australia, but also regularly at my Uni’s club, in Wollongong in the Illawarra region of NSW, on Thursday evenings. I know the drill is usually to list one’s interests in terms of scale and period, but in my case that would misleadingly imply that there is some sort of rational organisation behind my wargaming – which there isn’t! If its shiny and new, or if one of my wargaming mates is enthusiastic, I’ll give pretty much anything historical a good go!

That said, left to my own devices, I would say that my priorities are 28mm Naps, 20mm WW2, 15mm Cold War…

Look forward to catching up with old friends and making new ones on here!

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  • This reply was modified 7 years, 1 month ago by Sparker.

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