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Hi everyone. In my case, there’s a dual identity behind the nick – I’m Rodrigo but my brother – André – can also use this account. We are from Porto, Portugal.  We dabbled in 40k many years ago (3rd Edition) and before that we mainly played CCGs (X-Files, Battletech being the main culprits) and boardgames.

After 40k died out here in our city, we turned to scale modelling and dropped out of the gaming scene. But then AT-43 appeared, I (Rodrigo) met that great miniature painted called David Woods (dwartist) on the Rackham forum and the cycle started again…

In these last few years, we’ve played: AT43; Infinity; FUBAR; Bolt Action and Tomorrow’s War. We are now concentrating on Secrets of the Third Reich for our WWW2 gaming needs and Victory Decision: Future Combat for our sci-fi games. 28mm is our scale 😉

We also have some  projects that are miniature related but we can’t disclose them right now.  Maybe at the end of August, if everything goes as planned and we have enough free time.

I (Rodrigo), I’m a member of LAF and I was a member of TMP but had my account locked after a “Tango” related incident (that wasn’t my fault, but Bill decided I was guilty…). So, to finish, our wishes of best of luck for this project!