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Pete Jones

Hi All, my name is Pete Jones and I run the freewargamesrules website.

I live in Wrexham, North Wales and have just turned 50 year this year and retired after 30 years in law enforcement.

I have been wargaming for 40 years and started off with Airfix figures and moved on to the Airfix guides etc. I was a founding member of the now defunct Wrexham & District Wargamers in the 1990’s and started my own website in 1997 when Netscape was the browser of choice and Internet Explorer did not exist, nor come to think of it did Google.

My main interests are Modern, Sci Fi, Euro boardgames and Skirmish gaming

Besides running the freewargamesrules website I am also the webmaster of the Society Of Twentieth Century Wargamers website. My other “relatively recent” hobby is N Gauge Model Railways and I am the Chairman of our local Area Group.

I am also a member of the following forums TMP, Frothers and Lead Adventure. Came over here as (a) it’s UK based and (b) sick of the all the goings on between TMP and Frothers (although I neverr got involved in either debate). I hope this site ignores all the non hobby related stuff and concentrates on wargaming.

freewargamesrules http://www.freewargamesrules.co.uk