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Simon Miller

Hi Henry,

Aside from the rules that I’ve been writing*, I also have a lot of time for Command and Colors.  No two games are the same, and there is a combination of lots of luck yet also a good deal of skill.  A lot of people seem to be enjoying Impetus, and the big bases really do permit great modelling; trouble for me that is I don’t like measuring and want grid-based.

As far as scale goes, I don’t think scale matters so much these days, with so many rules being based around units with the same frontage, and no figure removal.  I was looking at a chap’s Republican Romans in 6mm on LAF, today, really lovely.  Have seen some lovely 10mm armies, too.  Ancient armies have lots of long pointy sticks, and pikes don’t look great to me in 6mm, so I might look at 10 or 15mm if it was me.


*Regarding which I am naturally somewhat biased